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Gavrish Sergey

Gavrish Sergey

Candidate of Chemical Sciences (Ph.D.)

Research scientist

Телефон: Tel.: +38 (044) 525-25-70
Email: gavrish_sp@ukr.net

Scientific interests:

-        Chemistry of transition metal (copper, nickel, palladium) complexes with polychelate tetraaza ligands containing amide donor groups (structure, spectroscopy, redox properties).

Professional experience:




Special student-scientist L.V.Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine



Engineer at the same Institute


Junior Research Scientist at the same Institute

Since 1994

Research Scientist at the same Institute


High, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (with honours) (1984), Chemistry of Fast Processes, Engineer-Physicist

Ph.D. Thesis – 1993 (L.V.Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of UkrRSR).

Author of more than 25 scientific publications

List of selected publications

  • Gavrish S.P., Lampeka Ya.D., Lightfoot P., Pritzkow H. Crystal and molecular structures of related nickel(II) complexes of open-chain and macrocyclic oxamide based ligands and the peculiarities of water aggregates in their crystal lattices, Dalton Trans., 2007, N 41 p. 4708-4714.
  • Гавриш С.П., Лампека Я.Д., Яремов П.С., Ильин В.Г. Влияние строения кристаллической решетки комплекса никеля(II) с амидсодержащим лигандом на ее устойчивость и адсорбционные свойства, Теорет. и эксперим. химия, 2007, т. 43, № 1, с. 47-51.
  • Gavrish S.P., Lampeka Ya.D., Lightfoot P. Solution properties of the nickel(II,III) and copper(II,III) complexes of trans-dioxocyclam (trans-dioxocyclam = 5,12-dioxo-1,4,8,11-tetraazacyclo-tetradecane) and the X-ray crystal structure of the N-rac isomer of the nickel(II) complex, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 2004, v. 357, N 4, p. 1023-1030.
  • Гавриш С.П., Бурлаенко Н.А., Погорелая Л.М., Лампека Я.Д. Бис(полихелатные) комплексы никеля(II) и палладия(II) как перспективные соединения для создания пьезоэлектрических датчиков влажности, Теорет. эксперим. химия, 2001, т. 37, N 5, с. 324-327.
  • Hansen L., Lampeka Ya.D., Gavrish S.P. Xu X., Taylor A.T., Marzilli L.G., Re(V) complexes with an open-chain quadridentate ligand containing two amine and two amido donors. Synthesis, characterization, and solution equilibria of Re2O3(dioxo-tetH4)2 and [ReO(H2O)(dioxo-tetH4)]Cl (dioxo-tetH6 = 1,4,8,11-tetraazaundecane-5,7-dione), Inorg. Chem., 2000, v. 39, N 25, p. 5859-5866.
  • Lampeka Ya.D., Gavrish S.P., Spectral characteristics of the copper(III) and nickel(III) coordination compounds with open-chain and macrocyclic dioxotetraamines, Polyhedron, 2000, v.19, p. 2533-2538.
  • Lampeka Ya.D., Gavrish S.P, Hay R.W., Eisenblatter T., Lightfoot P., The crystal and molecular structures of the nickel(II) complexes of malonamide-derived unsubstituted 14- and 13-membered tetraaza macrocycles and NMR study of the complexes in aqueous solution, J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans., 2000, N 13, p. 2023-2029.
  • Comba P., Gavrish S.P. Hay R.W., Hilfenhaus P., Lampeka Ya.D., Lightfoot P., Peters A., Structural variations of dinuclear transition metal compounds with a common type of ligands: solid state and solution structure and model studies, Inorg. Chem., 1999, v. 38, N7, p. 1416-1421.
  • Comba P., Gavrish S.P., Lampeka Ya.D., Lightfoot P., Peters A., Dimerization of a сopper(II) сompound with a tetradentate diaminodiamide ligand, J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans., 1999, N 22, p. 4099-4102.
  • Lampeka Ya.D., Gavrish S.P., Maloshtan I.M., Dalley N.K., Lamb J., Nazarenko AY., New cyclam-type copper(II) complexes with amide molecular padlock: synthesis, properties and crystal structure, Inorg. Chim. Acta, 1998, v. 282, N 2, p. 142-148.