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Kyriienko Pavlo I.

Kyriienko Pavlo I.

Candidate of Chemical Sciences

Scientific Associate

Телефон: +38(044)525-67-75
Email: pavlo_kyriienko@ukr.net

Scientific Interests

Structurally-functional design of novel generation’s catalysts for neutralization of technogenic gas exhausts of industry, stationary and mobile sources, in particular, selective catalytic reduction of NOx. Processing of organic raw materials from renewable resources into valuable products, in particular, the conversion of ethanol into ethylene oxide.

Professional experience




Trainee and Engineer

2007 - 2010

Postgraduate student

2010 - 2011

Engineer of 1 Category


Lead Engineer


Junior Scientific Associate

2012 – at present

Scientific Associate


MSc (Chemical Technology of Inorganic Substances) National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” (2007).

Postgraduate study (Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis) at
L.V. Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the NASU (2010);

Candidate of Chemical Sciences (2011).


General numbers of publications:articles – 11; patents – 2; proceedings – 22.

List of selected publications

  • Popovych N., Kirienko P., Soloviev S., Orlyk S. Selective catalytic reduction of NOx by C2H5OH over Ag/Al2O3/cordierite: Effect of the surface concentration of silver. // Catal. Today (2012), doi:10.1016/j.cattod.2012.01.039.
  • Popovich N. A., Kiriienko P. I., Solov’ev S. A., Orlik S. N., Dzwigaj S. Role of active components of an Ag/Al2O3/cordierite catalyst in selective reduction of NO by ethanol. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2012. - 478(4). - P. 240-244.
  • Kirienko P.I., Boichuk T.M., Orlik S.N., Solov’ev S.A. Influence of H2O and SO2 on the activity of deposited cobalt oxide catalysts in the processes of reduction of nitrogen(I), (II) oxides with carbon monoxide and C3-C4 alkanes. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2011. - 47(6). - P. 384-389.
  • Kirienko P. I., Solov’ev S. A., Orlik S. N. Effect of CeO2 on the properties of the Pd/Co3O4/cordierite catalyst in the conversion of CO, NO, and hydrocarbons. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2010. - 46(1). - P. 58-63.
  • Solov’ev S.A., Kirienko P.I., Shvets O.V. Effects of Pd and second support (Al2O3, ZrO2) as constituents of Co3O4/cordierite catalyst in conversion of NO, CO and hydrocarbons. // Ukr. Khim. Zh. – 2010. – 76. - P. 86-91 (in Russian).
  • Solov’ev S. A., Kirienko P. I. Designing a structured catalyst for selective reduction of O2 by hydrogen in the presence of NO. // Catal. in Industry. – 2010. – 2(4). – P. 299-306.
  • Kirienko P.I., Solov’ev S.A. Effect of Pd and rare earth oxides (La2O3, CeO2) on the properties of a Co3O4/cordierite catalyst in reduction of O2 and no by hydrogen. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2009. - 45(4). - P. 267-270.