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Orlyk Svitlana M

Orlyk Svitlana M

Professor, Doctor of Chemical Science

The Department Head

Телефон: 38(044)525-66-78
Email: orlyk@inphyschem-nas.kiev.ua

Research interests

- Kinetics and mechanism of heterogeneous catalytic redox reactions involving nitrogen oxides, carbon oxides, hydrocarbons.

- Structurally-functional design of novel generation of the catalysts for neutralization of technogenic gas exhausts of stationary and mobile sources, conversion of “greenhouse” gases, catalytic combustion, processes of hydrogen fuel production by methane and methanol reforming.

Professional experience





Post-graduate, Engineer


Junior scientific associate


Scientific associate

1988 – 1999

Senior Scientist


Lead Scientist

2000 – at present

Head of Department


Chemical Technology Department of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (1976);

Postgraduate study (Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis) at  L.V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry of the NASU (1981);

Candidate of Chemical Sciences (1982);

Doctor of Chemical Sciences (1998);

Professor (2009).


General number of publications:

articles - 140, chapter Palladium in Gas-Phase Processes of Environmental Catalysisin "PalladiumCompounds, Production and Applications", Series: Material Science and Technology, Nova Science Publishers, 2011; patents - 15.

Scientific awards

The State Award of Ukraine in the field of Technics and Science for a cycle of works (as a member of a group of authors) “Adsorbed lays on a surface of transition metals: structure, electron processes, friction, kinetics of formation, catalysis” (2008).

The L.V.Pisarzhevskii Award of NAS of Ukraine (2000) - for a cycle of works „Selectivity problems in complex and combined heterogeneous catalytic reactions” (as a member of a group of authors including Yu.I.Piatnitsky, M.G.Martsenyuk-Kuharuk).

Scientific cooperation

I.M.Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials of NАSU (Ukraine) (Dr. O.D. Vasylyev)

Université Pierre et Marie Curie Pierre (Paris, France) (Dr. Stanislaw Dzwigaj)

 G.K.Boreskov Institute of Catalysis of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Prof. V.O.Sadykov, Corresponding member of RAS Prof.Z.R.Ismagilov)

 Prof. E. Angelescu, Bucharest University, Romania, project COST Action D15/0020 (2002-2005).

 Prof. Dr. P. Das, Rajiv Gandhi University, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Joint project with University of Dibruharh, state Assam, India (2008-2010).

  •  List of selected publications
  • Orlyk S.N. Design of bifunctional catalysts for nitrogen(I), (II) oxides reduction by C1-, C3–C4-hydrocarbons at H2O and SO2 presence. // Catal. Today. – 2012. – 191. – P. 79-86.
  • Orlik S.N., Mironyuk T. V., Boichuk T.M. Structural functional design of catalysts for conversion of nitrogen (I, II) oxides. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2012. – 48(2). – P. 73-97.
  • Orlyk S.M., Solov’ev S.O., Petrova N.V., Yakovkin I.M. Simulation of the CO oxidation reaction on the surface of metals of the platinum group and the creation of efficient catalysts for the neutralization of auto exhaust. // Ukr. J. of Physics /Reviews. – 2008.- 4.- P. 64-79.
  • Orlik S. N. Combined Effect of the Redox and Acid-Base Properties of Catalysts in Redox Conversions of Nitrogen Oxides and Methane. // Kinet. Catal. – 2008. – 49(4). – P.537-544.
  • Orlik S. N., Mironyuk T. V., Anich I. G., Influence of Support Nature on Properties of Co-, In-Oxide Catalysts in NO Selective Catalytic Reduction by Methane. // Catalysis in Industry.- 2008. - N6. – P.22-30. (in Russ.)
  • Shashkova T.K., Kantserova M.R., Orlik S.N.  Sulfur resistance and stability of yttrium-stabilized binary Co-Cu and Ni-Cu composites with zirconium dioxide in the oxidative conversion of methane. // Theor. Experim. Chem. – 2009. – 45(5). – P.319-324.
  • Myronyuk T.V., Orlyk S.N. Role of redox- and acidic properties of CoO/ZrO2(SO42-) catalysts on SCR-activity NO-CH4/O2. // Сatal.Today.- 2007.- 119, N 1-4.- P.152-155..
  • Mironyuk T. V., Orlyk S. N. Effect of rhodium on the properties of bifunctional MxOy/ZrO2 catalysts in the reduction of nitrogen oxides by hydrocarbons. // Appl. Catal. B.:Environ. 2007, V.70, N 1-4, P. 58-64.
  • Orlik S. N., Struzhko V. L, Mironyuk T. V., Tel'biz G. M. Role of Bifunctionality of ZrO2-Based Oxide Systems in NO Reduction with Lower Hydrocarbons.
    Kinet. Catal. – 2003. – 44(5). P. 682-691.
  • Orlik S.N., Struzhko V.L. Influence of synergistic effects on the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with CnHm over zeolites. // Stud. Surf. Sci. Catal. – 2001.- 135. - P.326-333.