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Teoreticheskaya i Experimental'naya Khimiya, 2004, Vol.40 No.1

A. L. Stroyuk, A. V. Korzhak, A. E. Raevskaya, S. Ya. Kuchmy
Photocatalysis of Molecular Hydrogen Evolution from Aqueous Sodium Sulfite Solutions by CdS/Ni Composite Nanoparticles
Yu. P. Getmanchuk, I. I. Davidenko, N. A. Davidenko, E. V. Mokrinskaya, D. D. Mysyk*, R. D. Mysyk*
Sensitization of Photoconductivity of the Polymeric Compositions with Nanoparticles of Fe2O3 and CdS by Organic Compound with Intramolecular Charge Transfer
O. O. Gorkunenko, O. M. Vdovychenko, O. Yu. Chervinsky, L. M. Kapkan, G. E. Whyman
Quantitative Analysis of Spectral Effects Connected with Z/E Conformational Equilibrium for Derivatives of Amides and Hydrazides of Dicarboxylic Acids
Yu. S. Simanenko, I. A. Belousova, V. A. Savyolova, A. F. Popov, L. N. Vakhitova
Effect of Temperature on the Rate of Alkaline Hydrolysis of Acid Esters in Concentrated Aqueous Solutions of Et4NCl
V. L. Lobachev, S. L. Kluger*, E. S. Rudakov
Routs and Mechanism of Oxidation of Alkanes, Alkenes and Arenes by Peroxynitrous Acid
S. P. Rogalsky, A. A. Pud, G. S. Shapoval, A. P. Melnik*, M. T. Bryk**
Nature of Initiators of Indirect Electrochemical Reductive Degradation of Polycarbonates in Dimethylformamide
N. A. Davidenko, V. N. Kokozay, D. V. Shevchenko, I. I. Davidenko
Photoconductivity in the Visible Part of Spectrum of Poly-N-epoxypropylcarbazole - Hetero-Metallic Complexes Systems
V. K. Yatsimirsky, L. P. Oleksenko, L. V. Lutsenko
Kinetic Analysis of the Mechanism of Oxidation of CO over Co/ZSM-5
A. S. Kovalenko, S. V. Gryn, V. G. Ilyin
Features of the Template Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials Based on Titano-Siliceous Ethers
V. L. Struzhko, E. V. Senchylo, V. G. Ilyin
Effect of Preparation Conditions on Phase Composition and Texture of Mesoporous Zirconium Dioxide
V. V. Kovalenko, G. M. Telbiz, F. M. Bobonych
Influence of Hydration - Dehydration Processes on Structure and Porosity of the Detemplated Silica Fibres