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Teoreticheskaya i Experimental'naya Khimiya, 2004, Vol.40 No.3

V. M. Gunko, S. V. Mikhalovsky*, M. Melillo*, E. F. Voronin, L. V. Nosach, E. M. Pakhlov
Influence of the Nature and the Structure of Adsorbents on Interaction with Ibuprofen
V. V. Kutarov, B. M. Kats
Adsorbed Molecules Ensemble Fractal Dimension Calculation
V. V. Shvalagin, A. L. Stroyuk, S. Ya. Kuchmy
Photochemical Synthesis and Spectral Properties of ZnO/Cu and ZnO/Ag/Cu Nanoheterostructures
Yu. S. Simanenko, T. M. Prokopieva, C. A. Bunton*, V. A. Savyolova, M. K. Turovskaya, E. A. Karpichev, V. A. Mikhailov, A. F. Popov
Supernucleophilic Reactivity of Hypobromite Ion towards to 4-Nitrophenyl Diethyl Phosphonate in Water and in Micelles of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide
V. L. Lobachev, V. A. Savyolova, T. M. Prokopieva
Oxidation of Diethylsulfide with Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Bicarbonate and Silicate Anions in Water and Aqueous Alcohols
L. V. Tsymbal, I. L. Andriichuk, Ya. D. Lampeka
Noncovalent Interactions in the Crystal Lattices of Copper(II) Complexes with Macrocyclic Ligands Bearing Aryl Substituents
Yu. I. Pyatnitsky, L. N. Raevskaya, A. I. Bostan, M. V. Borisenko*
Comparative Efficiency of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide in the Process of Partial Oxidation of Methane on V2O5/SiO2
S. M. Orlyk, V. A. Ostapyuk, T. M. Pidruchna, V. L. Struzhko
Direct Decomposition of Nitrogen(I) Oxide on Fe-Containing Zeolite, Zirconium Oxide and Mixed Catalysts
V. V. Bobyk, F. M. Bobonych
Effect of Increase of Extent for Hydroconversion of n-Hexane at Poisoning External Acid Sites of PdHZSM-5 Catalyst
S. N. Orlyk, G. Pop*, R. Ganea*, V. A. Ostapyuk, L. M. Alekseenko
Catalytic Properties of (Fe, Al)-MCM-41 in CO and Light Alkanes Conversion with Participation of Nitrogen Oxides
V. V. Brei, D. V. Shystka, A. G. Grebenyuk*
Symbasis between Proton Affinity of Alcohol and Alkylbenzene Molecules and Their Ability towards Dehydration and Dealkylation Reactions over Acidic Catalysts
V. P. Tretyakov
Kinetics of Interaction of O2 with Silica-Supported Oxocomplexes of Mo(V) in Outer Sphere Reaction of Electron Transfer