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Teoreticheskaya i Experimental'naya Khimiya, 2004, Vol.40 No.5

A. N. Enyashin, A. L. Ivanovskii
Structural and Electronic Properties of Endohedral Metallofullerenes: Isomers Y2C2@C82 and Y2@C84
A. M. Datsyuk, T. Yu. Gromovoy, V. V. Lobanov
Analysis of the Properties of Carbon Nanotubes from the Maps of Distribution of Molecular Electrostatic Potential
V. L. Struzhko, E. V. Senchylo, V. G. Ilyin
Influence of the Nature of Adsorbed Ions on Formation of the Nanosized Zirconium Dioxide Particles
M. I. Bodnarchuk, M. V. Kovalenko, A. L. Stroyuk, S. Ya. Kuchmy
Photoinduced Electron Transfer between CdS and CdTe Nanoparticles in Colloidal Solutions
L. M. Vakhitova, V. A. S‡vyolova, Ya. F. Burdina, I. O. Belousova, A. F. Popov
Kinetic Model for PTC Aminolysis of 4-Nitrophenyl Acetate by Solid Potassium Glycinate
V. A. Savyolova, C. A. Bunton*, T. M. Prokop³eva, M. K. Turovskaya, E. A. Karpichev, V. A. Mikhailov, A. L. Kanibolotskii, N. I. Burakov, A. F. Popov
Trihalide Organocomplexes as α-Nucleophiles and Efficient Oxidizers in Decomposition of Organophosphorus Compounds in Water and in Micelles of Surfactants
V. P. Tretyakov, L. A. Minko, E. S. Rudakov
Kinetics of Conversions of Peroxynitrous Acid in Reactions of Isomerization, Decomposition, and Reduction by Cyclohexane
E. S. Rudakov, L. K. Volkova
Temperature Dependences of Kinetic Isotope Effect and Ratio of Rates of Cyclopentane and Cyclohexane Reactions with HOCl in Water
V. V. Bobyk, Yu. G. Voloshyna*, F. M. Bobonych
Influence of the Content of External Acid Sites in PdHZSM-5 Catalyst on Its Activity and Selectivity in Hydroisomerization of n-Hexane
A. I. Bostan, Yu. I. Pyatnitsky, E. V. Kondratenko*
Mechanism of the Separat Interaction of Oxygen and Methane with Perovskite Catalyst SrCoO3-x Modified by Alkaline Metals
L. P. Œleksenko
Features of Formation of Active Centers of Co-Containing Catalysts for CO Oxidation on the Carriers of Different Chemical Nature
L. F. Kozin, B. I. Daniltsev
Kinetics of Dissolution of Gold in Solutions of Thiosemicarbazide