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Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2004. Vol.40 No. 4. p. 227-232

Influence of Structure of Phenols on Their Activity
in Reaction with Ethylbenzene Peroxyradicals


N. I. Belaya, O. Yu. Ovcharova, A. N. Nikolaevskyj, T. A. Filippenko, V. A. Zajets

Donetsk National University
17a Shchorsa Vul., 83055 Donetsk, Ukraine. E-mail: alim@dongu.donetsk.ua

During, research of Reactivity of spatially-shielded phenols in reaction with ethylbenzene peroxyradicals on the structyre of their molecules and in comparison with that of not shielded phenols, the basic regulari- ties in the structure - antioxidantive relationship for phenols of the different structure are established.

Key words antioxidant, inhibition, phenol, oxidation, ethylbenzene, peroxyradical.