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Teoreticheskaya i Experimental'naya Khimiya, 2006, Vol.42 No.1

V. D. Pokhodenko (On the 70th Anniversary of His Birth)
Pokropivny V. V., Sylenko P. M.
Silicon Carbide Nanotubes and Nanotubular Fibers: Synthesis, Stability, Structure and Classification
Volkova L. K., Rudakov E. S.
Kinetics, Selectivity and Mechanism of Reactions of Arenes with Adamantyl Carbocations in Sulfuric Acid
Opeida I. A., Matvienko A. G., Bakurova O. Z.
Reactivity of Cyano-Substituted Fluorenes in Reaction with TEMPO Radical
Goncharuk E. V., Mishchenko V. N., Zarko V. I., Gunko V. M.
Influence of Composition and Structure of Titania/Silica on Their Photocatalytic Activity in Destruction Reaction of MB
Koshechko V. G., Lopushanskaya V. A.
Electrochemical Convertion of Carbon Dioxide Catalyzed by Benzyl
Dolgykh L. Yu., Stolyarchuk I. L., Strizhak P. E., Shvets O. V., Ilyin V. G.
Effect of Ion-Exchange and Impregnation Modification of X Zeolite on the Catalytic Properties in Alkylation of Toluene with Methanol
Kolotilov S. V., Shvets O. V., Solomakha V. M.
Influence of the Structure of Bridging Ligands on the Structure and Sorption Properties of 3D-Coordination Polymers Based on Copper(II) and Cobalt(II) Formates
Mokhnachuk O. V., Soloviev S. O., Senkevych A. I.
Effect of Rare-Earth Element Oxides (CeO2, La2O3) on Properties of Pd/Al2O3 Catalysts of Nitrogen Oxides Reduction by Methane
Struzhko V. L., Senchylo E. V., Ilyin V. G.
Effect of Preparation Conditions of Phosphated mesoporous Zirconium Dioxide on formation of Its Structure and adsorptive properties
Rakitskaya T. L., Truba A. S., Raskola L. A., Bandurko A. Yu., Golub A. A.
Effect of the Structure of the Copper(II) Complexes Adsorbed on the Surface of SiO2 on Their Catalytic Activity in Decomposition Reaction of Ozone
Klimov E. S., Davydova O. A.
Formation of Atomic Hydrogen in Donor-Acceptor Pair Amine-Nitrobenzene