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Teoreticheskaya i Experimental'naya Khimiya, 2006, Vol.42 No.2

Yakubovich М. N., Strizhak P. E.
Fragmentary Kinetic Models of the Mechanism of Fischer - Tropsch Synthesis
Kharlamov A. I., Kirillova N. V., Ushkalov L. N.
Simultaneous Growth of Spheroid and Tubular Carbon Structures by Pyrolysis of Benzene
Tarasevich Yu. I.
Surface Energy of Hydrophobic Adsorbents
Titov Yu. A., Slobodyanik M. S., Chumak V. V.
Peculiarities of Structure and Crystallochemical Criteria of Existence of AnBnO3n+2-Type Compounds
Snopok B. A., Boltovets P. N., Rowell F. J.
Simple Analytical Model of Biosensor Competition Analysis for Detection of Low Molecular Weight Analytes
Raevskaya A. E., Stroyuk A. L., Kuchmy S. Ya.
Peculiarities of Formation of CdSe Nanoparticles in Aqueous Sodium Polyphosphate Solutions
Davidenko N. A., Kokozay V. N., Davidenko I. I., Nesterova O. V., Studzinskii S. L., Spitsina N. G., Lobach A. S.
Electric and Photoconductivity in the Film Materials Based on Heteropolynuclear Cu/Cd Complexes and Organic Polymers
Pyatnitsky Yu. I.
. Influence of Nitrogen Oxides NOx on the Gas-Phase Oxidation of Methane by Oxygen
Kosmambetova G. R., Gritsenko V. I., Strizhak P. E., Korduban O. M.
Influence of Copperceria Oxide Catalyst Support Nature on Preferential Oxidation of CO in Hydrogen-Rich Gas Mixtures
Tarasevich Yu. I., Bondarenko S. V., Zhukova A. I.
Two-Stage Modification of Silica for Preparation of Energetically Homogeneous Chromatographic Sorbents