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Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2006. Vol.42 No. 2. p. 125-129

Two-Stage Modification of Silica for Preparation
of Energetically Homogeneous Chromatographic Sorbents


Yu. I. Tarasevich, S. V. Bondarenko, A. I. Zhukova

A. V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Chemistry of Water, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Bulvar Akademika Vernadskogo 42, 03680 Kyiv, Ukraine. E-mail: yuitaras@thomascat.kiev.ua

The two-stage liquid phase modification of amorphous silica Silochrom-80 by polyethylhydridesiloxane and hexamethyldisilazane was performed. Using the Langmuir equation parameters, the concentration of residual hydrophilic centres at the modified silica surface was determined, and the nature of these centres was identified. It was shown that the two-stage modification of silica by these reagents leads to complete deactivation of the most active vicinal hydroxyl groups of the sorbent surface and to a significant degree of deactivation of its isolated hydroxyl groups.

Key word silica, modification, adsorption, water, methanol, chromatography.