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Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2006. Vol.42 No. 3. p. 133-149

Surface Energy of Oxides and Silicates


Yu. I. Tarasevich

A. V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid Chemistry and Chemistry of Water, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Bulvar Akademika Vernadskogo, 42, Kyiv 03680, Ukraine. E-mail: yuitaras@thomascat.kiev.ua

The study summarises the literature data and the results obtained by the author regarding the surface en- ergy of hydrophilic oxides, silicates and the hydrophobic sorbents prepared on their basis. It is shown that the combined Gibbs - Helmholtz - Young equation can be successfully applied to obtain the data on the surface pressure, heat of wetting and contact angle of wetting for hydrophilic and hydrophobic adsorbents. Using these data, the thermodynamic characteristics of the surface and the interfacial area between the studied substances and water are estimated. It is shown that the boundary layers of water near the hydrophilic surface are more ordered, while the layers near the hydrophobic surface are less or- dered as compared with the liquid water.

Key word oxides, silicates, modifying, hydrophobic adsorbents, surface and interfacial free energy, enthalpy, entropy.