Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2006. Vol.42 No. 3. p. 178-183

Interrelation between Chain Growth by Herington Scheme
and Secondary Reactions with Participation of Ethylene in the Fischer-ropsh Synthesis


M. N. Yakubovich

L. V. Pysarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Prosp. Nauky, 31, yiv 03028, Ukraine. E-mail: yakub@inphyschem-nas.kiev.ua

It is shown that at the high values of chain growth probability hydrocarbons of 4+ turn out mainly from intermediates, containing three atoms of carbon, while at small values, as a result of reaction fragments containing two atoms of carbon.

Key word Fischer-ropsh synthesis, mechanism, secondary reactions, catalists.