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Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2006. Vol.42 No. 3. p. 184-188

Influence of the Composition of Composites Based on Y- and Sc-Stabilized Zirconia
on Catalytic Properties in Oxidative Conversion of Methane


M. R. Kantserova, T. K. Shashkova, S. M. Orlyk

L. V. Pysarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Prosp. Nauky, 31, Kyiv 03028, Ukraine. E-mail: orlyk@inphyschem-nas.kiev.ua

The influence of the composition of composites based on Y- and Sc-stabilized zirconia doped with CeO2 and transition metal oxides (Cu, Co, Ni) on catalytic properties in oxidative conversion of methane was studied. Activity of the composites correlates with the quantity and mobility of oxygen in them.

Key word methane oxidation, prototype of anodes, zirconia, yttrium, scandium oxides, transition metal oxides, mobil-
ity of oxygen.