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Teoret. i eksperim. khimiya. 2006. Vol.42 No. 6. p. 371-376

Sensitivity of Coatings of the Piezoquartz Sensors Based
on Metal Thiolates to Hydrocarbons, Methanol and Water


А. P. Filippov, P. Е. Strizhak, D. I. Denisyuk, Т. G. Serebry

L. V. Pisarzhevskii Institute of Physical Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Prosp. Nauky, 31, Кyiv 03028, Ukraine. Е-mail: pstrizhak@hotmail.com

Octadecylthiolates of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Ag(I) and Pb(II) were used as chemical coatings for piezoquartz resonator (PQR) sensors, sensitive to hydrocarbons, alcohols and water vapors. The sensitivity of the PQR sensors in stationary flow regime at 25 °С was altered from 0.5 to 5 Hz/(mg/L) depending on the coatings composition and the analyte nature. The array of 8 PQR sensors with these coatings gave the sensor image of the corresponding analyte, which was weakly dependent on the analyte concentration. The sensitivity of the PQR sensors with the studied coatings decreased in no more than 10-15% after several months of storage.

Key word metal thiolates, sensors, ELECTRONIC NOSE, hydrocarbons, alcohols.